Inspire. Empower. Encourage.

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How will advancing technology and changing consumer behaviors assist in creating and implementing new systems that will bridge the gap and reinvent the Outdated Fashion Industry platform?


Our mission is to inspire, empower, discover and encourage fashion talent worldwide. hiTechMODA does this by providing a professional, affordable runway with high-quality production, photography, video, hair, and makeup included in one cost held at a state-of-the-art venue. 

hiTechMODA has created an event that brings together unique radical tech innovation elements with a vision of designer creativity expressed on the runway.

We open an exclusive catwalk opportunity to established designers and competition designers (emerging or Indie designers) every fashion season.

From Emerging and Indie Contemporary Designers to Plus Size Fashion visionaries to DIY enthusiasts, we exist to enable the industry's sustainability and democratize the fashion industry by making it accessible to anyone.

We work to create opportunities for YOU!